Total redesign: all Galaxy S6 concept renders, frames and prototypes that are fit to print

Total redesign: all Galaxy S6 concept renders that are fit to print
Samsung’s head of IR, Rober Yi, said during an earnings call that the company will be releasing an “innovative premium handset” with a “special function”. In fact, Mr Yi indirectly confirmed the copious usage of quality materials for the S6 shell by reassuring investors that Samsung won't have any issues producing a metal chassis in large quantities, both internally, or from third-party suppliers.

Say hi to premium! The Galaxy S6 has been tipped by various sources to come with a lot less plastic, and a lot more metal and glass for its chassis. Indeed, judging from leaked frames, the flagship is expected to employ much more metal in its build than the S5, and even the Note 4 or Samsung's new A-series. Unfortunately, the latest leak pegs it as having a sealed unibody with a non-replaceable battery, too. Fret not, though, as the battery is said to employ a brand new polymer technology that makes it cooler and more compact for the same capacity, so we can expect it to last a long time, and allow for a slimmer handset, all while preserving an excellent endurance rating. 

How exactly will it look like? Well, a polished look has been created out of various leaked schemes tips and prototypes in the form of concept renders, all of which we are rounding up below. Take a gander, and tell us what you think. The new metal chassis paradigm is now expected to shift to Samsung's midrangers as well, not only the flagships, so we'd better get used to it.

Just a few hours after the first chassis photos leaked, computer-generated renders of the Galaxy S5's successor popped up as well. It seems that their creator has not only made full use of the most recent alleged photos, but has also implemented some of the previously alleged case blueprints that were said to picture the flagship-to-be. Namely, the rear camera module has made its way to the newest renders of the phone.

We got hold of another set of renders for the Samsung Galaxy S6, which give us an even better insight on what the phone might end up looking like. What's more, the device has been compared with the Apple iPhone 6 - the reason for this is the rumored resemblance between the two devices. Yet, we'll have to wait until March 1 in order to see if this will truly be the case.

These are perhaps the most refined renders of a Galaxy S6 in a case so far. The Verus photos are depicting the same huge cutout on the back which unveils the camera lens, and leaves place for your finger to be pressed towards the pulse sensor that made a debut with the Galaxy S5. The case maker, however, has depicted an elevated home button this time around, however, which, together with the protruding camera, will leave a lot of elements sticking out to aid your grip, and make slathering a case on the phone a no-brainer. These are likely based on the latest 3D renders, though, so there is a nice possibility this is how your S6 will look like in a wrapper, roughly at least.

After Spigen, Verus and Ewill, another second-tier phone accessory maker has posted their own batch of rogue Samsung Galaxy S6 cases that you can order right now. The photos are depicting the same huge cutout on the back which unveils the camera lens, and leaves place for your finger to be pressed towards the pulse sensor that made a debut with the Galaxy S5. This time around, however, the cases in question are of the transparent type, leaving us further exposed to what the Galaxy S6 is quite possible to look like - heavily rounded corners, taller home key, slim unibody chassis, and a general whiff of an iPhone 6 design.

A set of leaked Galaxy S6 industrial blueprints, schematics, frames and prototypes is trying to finish off the flagship's full circle of design speculation - here's what all the above nice 3D/2D renders and case maker musings are based on.

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