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Toshiba Excite 10LE to officially launch March 6th

Posted: , by Scott H.

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Toshiba Excite 10LE to officially launch March 6th
Toshiba’s newest tablet, the Excite 10LE (formerly the Excite X10), will officially launch at “select U.S. retailers” on March 6th. The other details remain as we’ve previously reported – the device is a svelte 0.3 inches thick, and barely registers on the scale at a mere 1.18 pounds (that’s 7.7mm thick and 535g for the metrically inclined). The lightness allows for extended single-hand carrying, which is particularly nice when you’re on the go.

The Excite 10LE exuded a premium feel in our hands on, and the 10.1” LED backlit IPS screen is a thing of beauty, even if its 1280 x 800 resolution is likely to be overshadowed by the soon-to-be-announced iPad 3’s high resolution display. Indeed, the only thing we didn’t like about the Excite 10LE is that it ships with Honeycomb; although Toshiba is promising that it will be upgradeable to Android 4.0 at some point.

The price is also premium, starting at $529 for the 16GB model and climbing to $600 for the 32GB model; some may prefer to spend a similar amount of cash for the quad-core Transformer Prime, but if you place a premium on build quality and are willing to pony up your greenbacks to get it, you probably should take a close look at the Excite 10LE when it launches.

As a refresher, you can see the video from our hands on report below:

source: Toshiba via Engadget

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posted on 29 Feb 2012, 11:29 1

1. eman99 (Posts: 393; Member since: 03 Aug 2010)

really at that price i would expect ice cream on it cmon and no quad core i think they want to loose customers or they think we are dumb enough to buy it

posted on 29 Feb 2012, 11:42

2. kshell1 (Posts: 1143; Member since: 05 Oct 2011)

correction: it is not 7.7cm its 7.7mm

posted on 29 Feb 2012, 12:31

3. Scott_H (Posts: 167; Member since: 28 Oct 2011)


posted on 29 Feb 2012, 12:33

4. medicci37 (Posts: 1335; Member since: 19 Nov 2011)

Definitely not worth $529 with those outdated specs

posted on 29 Feb 2012, 15:51

5. Metalspy8 (Posts: 61; Member since: 27 Feb 2012)

waste not even tegra 3..

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