TomTom iPhone app jumps to version 1.3 - adds Google Local Search & real-time traffic

TomTom iPhone app jumps to version 1.3 - adds Google Local Search & real-time traffic
TomTom is of course doing surprisingly well as their most recent quarterly report dictated some surprising results which can be attributed to their iPhone app. It wasn't too long ago where there were news about real-time traffic updates coming to the popular app. Luckily all of the wait is over as TomTom just got a welcomed update to version 1.3 that does bring along some new features that should've been offered from the start to really push itself ahead of the curve. The much welcome real-time traffic updates is finally available on version 1.3, but it will cost users an additional $19.99 to get the feature – something that's usually offered for free on other apps. In addition, it features Google Local Search, the latest map updates, music fading to allow a seamless transition to spoken navigation, automatic day/night mode that makes viewing the map easier on the eyes, and the ability to add locations from other apps. If it weren't for the extra cost needed to get real-time traffic updates, this could've really gotten some people excited. Nonetheless it's still an update – the other features are more than adequate to warrant a download for the latest update.

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source: TiPb via Engadget



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