TomTom to provide real time traffic on its iPhone app

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TomTom to provide real time traffic on its iPhone app
Having access to real time traffic is a luxury that many cellphone users would love to have. No one likes to get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, or get caught behind an accident scene that could take a long time to clean up. That is why version 1.3 of TomTom's iPhone app, once it gets past the App Store's reviewers, will offer real time traffic conditions along with the usual mapping and navigation. Also on board will be a local search feature from Google. The services are basically the same as those seen on TomTom's Go Live models. The dedicated GPS units still offer a few more features and a larger screen, but the iPhone app is getting closer. The current version  now available at the App Store, gives you local petrol prices and the weather. Once 1.3 is out, just about everything that can determine how long a car ride will take can be at your fingertips.

source: MobileCrunch



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