TigerText plays Mission Impossible with your outgoing messages

TigerText plays Mission Impossible with your outgoing messages
Remember in Mission Impossible when that week's assignment would self destruct in seconds? Or how about that spy movie where the debonair British secret agent would eat the message written on paper so there would be no written copy of it. Modern technology being what it is, destroying communications is harder these days, but luckily, "there is an app for that". Available now for the iPhone, and soon for BlackBerry and Android handsets, TigerText will allow you to control when a message you send to another person's phone gets wiped off the device. You can select destructuion from as quick as 1 minute to as long as 30 days. And once the message is gone, there is no trace of it on the outgoing phone, the incoming phone or on any server. The apps developer, X-Sigma Partners, LCC, says that “once expiredthey are not legally discoverable; it is as if the messages neverexisted”. TigerText offers a free trial covering 15 days or 100 texts-whichever comes first (and no, even though you might have erased the text, it still counts toward the 100 free trial messages). After that, the cost is $1.49 per month for 250 texts or $2.49 for unlimited messages. Those with a 'Berry or Android phone can visit the source link to set up a notification message that you will receive once this service is ready for your phone's platform. Now, better start running because this story will self destruct in 10 seconds.

source: TigetText via Geek



1. ibap

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2. JackFace

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Copy, Paste... what now, Bitch?

3. rehnhart

Posts: 103; Member since: Mar 27, 2009

Who ever named this must have had Tiger Woods in mine. If only he had this on his phone, maybe he would still have some respect in the public eye.

4. johnnyW unregistered

Jackface...you are missing the point. I use tigertext so that i can text like i talk....without everything i say being recorded. Its everyday conversation that is not kept on paper...simple as that. if your talking to a friend and they were holding up a recorder then you prob would talk freely...what now bitch

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