This iPhone 7 concept video envisions Parachute System for drop protection

Remember Apple's patent for corner protectors in the iPhone's screen that pop up to cushion a potential fall, saving you on that expensive display replacement? Or Amazon's airbag phone protection idea? Well, these have been reimagined a bit, in the form of an iPhone 7 concept with what seems like rocket boosters of sorts, which would fire up before the phone touches the ground. In fact, the concept video suggests a system of valves and nozzles in the corners which would be controlled by the accelerometer and orientation sensors to release gas from a small tank that would prevent the iPhone from crashing to the floor unimpeded.

The system looks rather elaborate, but, as the ShatterShield tech of Motorola's new Droid Turbo 2 proves, one needn't go to such extremes in order to make a hard-to-break display. It's cool to watch, though, imagine the bragging rights when you drop your phone off the bar counter later in the night - the soft landing should make everyone stop drinking already, and go home. 


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