This awesome cable will charge your iPhone or Android two times faster

This awesome cable will charge your iPhone or Android two times faster
We've got to say, we love those handy little ideas that seem so simple and natural, yet they just haven't happened for one reason or the other. Here's one such idea: the SONICable, currently in the process of being crowdfunded through Indiegogo, is claimed to be "the world's most advanced charging cable" by its creators.

The idea behind the remarkably high-end SONICable is pretty simple: it features a module with a special switch (called the Sonic Switch), which controls the behavior of the cable. When the switch is set to off, the SONICable functions as a regular USB cable: it both charges and syncs your device. However, when you turn the Sonic switch to on, the cable loses its syncing capabilities in favor of more charging power! Sounds pretty neat, huh? And just look at those fancy aluminum connectors!

When used in Sonic mode, the SONICable promises to charge your iPhone or Android phone about two times faster than normal, which, if true, makes us want to just go ahead order a couple of these bad boys right this instant! However, the thing is the accessory's Indiegogo campaign is scheduled to end on February 23, with estimated delivery date sometime in March, so there will definitely be some serious waiting involved in getting one of these cables.

The good news is that the SONICable is bound to happen, as its goal of $10,000 has already been surpassed. If you'd like to become part of the project's early foundation, just visit the source link below. Some of the available perks right now that might be worth considering are the $27 'Better late than never,' which will get you 1 SONICable at a price that's 25% lower than its expected retail price. Shipping in the USA will be free, but if you're ordering internationally, you'll also have to add the $6 international shipping perk to cover the costs.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming product?

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source: SONICable via BGR

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