Third Apple Store opens in Beijing to long lines

Third Apple Store opens in Beijing to long lines
The Wangfujing Apple Store, the third one located in the Chinese city of Beijing, opened Saturday to long lines of residents and tourists who braved the bitter cold to make sure that they would get inside the store. The three story building includes Asia's first all glass stair case and the location is Apple's largest on the continent. The Wangfujing Apple Store is located in a historic district in a newly renovated shopping mall and inside there are 300 employees and two 360 degree Genius Bars. A huge LED display blinks messages.

Apple Senior VP of Retail, John Brewett, took a preview tour of the store on Thursday, telling reporters that yet another Apple Store will open in Shenzhen, soon. Currently, the country supports six Apple Stores with employment of 800 people. The two other stores in Beijing are in the Salitun area, and in the Xidan district. The new store is close to both locations. 

The Salitun store is where a near riot broke out this past January when Apple was about to offer the Apple iPhone 4S in the store. A delay in the store's opening was announced and those who had waited in line started throwing eggs and rocks at the police. It would have been the first time that Apple's iconic smartphone could have been purchased at an official Apple Store in the country. Instead, following the incident, Apple limited sales of the Apple iPhone 4S in China to those made online or at the retail locations of China Unicom.

source: M.I.C.Gadget via iPodnn

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