The first iPhone 7 clone is already available in China

The first iPhone 7 clone is already available in China
Historically, there have been those Chinese manufacturers in every sector that thrive on producing clones and copies based on famous brands with more recognizable products. That's where the term “Chinese knock-off” materialized from, and it seems to still be relevant today, especially in the lucrative market for smartphones.

We've seen Chinese companies take a stab at Apple more than once before – either by simply copying its most recent iPhone, or filing for slightly absurd infringement lawsuits, and trying to block iPhone sales in the country. Well, now, it seems they are trying for a product that doesn't even exist yet.

Below, you can see a photo of a phone, available in China, which looks strikingly similar to the leaked images of the iPhone 7 Plus (or 7 Pro) that we've been seeing for the past months. In Rose Gold, of course, and proudly bearing the sticker “Designed by TAIWAN, made in CHINA”.

Well, at least you can be sure it's a great product – it took the whole state of Taiwan to design it.

source: GizChina

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