The best and worst Nokia smartphones we've ever reviewed

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The best and worst Nokia smartphones we've ever reviewed

Back in the day, Nokia was the undisputed leader on the handset market, leaving its rivals trailing in the dust. Ah, glorious days of old! Unfortunately, due to one reason or another, Nokia failed to retain its positions and slowly stepped off the throne that it once held so dearly. Alas, Nokia, as we once knew it, is no longer in business, because it sold its Devices & Services divisions to Microsoft. Until Q4 2016, Nokia can't put its name on a smartphone.

Taking a look back in time, we can easily see that Nokia has been responsible for some of the most popular mobile handsets in the world, archaic by today's standards devices that still remind us of the Finnish company's former glory. Though not as popular as it's feature phones, Nokia's smartphones certainly deserve their spots on the industry's hall of fame.

Naturally, we've reviewed many of these over the years. While some of them turned out to be really intriguing and quite good devices, others were simply sub-par to what Nokia usually churned out on the market. We've devised a neat list with all the good and bad Nokia smartphones that we have ever reviewed. Note that apart from Windows Phone ones, we've also included Symbian ones.

7. Nokia Lumia 510

Released back in late 2012, the low-end Lumia 510 failed to impress. Among its disappointing specs were the measly 256MB of RAM on board, 4GB of native storage, and the lack of a microSD card slot. The latter was somewhat strange, given that Nokia aimed it at the entry-level market segment.

Apart from supporting Adobe Flash Lite right off the bat, the Symbian-powered Nokia C6 was a mix of disappointments. It was visually-unappealing, it was thick, it had a resistive touchscreen - totally not the best Nokia device we've held in our hands.

5. Nokia 6790 Surge

Okay, the Surge is weirdly-shaped and this is among the things that made this 2009 Symbian smartphone a total flop. We still fail to comprehend why Nokia designed it this way; regardless, the Nokia 6790 Surge is one of those devices that look interesting from afar, but totally disappoint when you touch them.

The Nokia E6 was not that bad, but it's weaknesses failed to make it shine in our eyes. In particular, the device had a pretty under-performing camera that came with no auto-focus on board; it also housed some pretty low-end hardware that was hardly coping with Symbian Anna. As a whole, it was a disappointment.

The Nokia X7 was yet another device that Nokia somewhat doomed from the start - it came with a pretty dated software, which led to the inevitable slowdown of the phone's overall performance. Add the fixed-focus camera, sub-par screen resolution, and you get a phone that did not stand up to Nokia's standards.

Oh, the Nokia 5250! The affordable, albeit basic Nokia smartphone unfortunately did not have what was necessary to win us over; on the contrary, the lack of Wi-Fi, 3G, and GPS (arguably the most basic connectivity standards) were one of the biggest setbacks of the phone. Add the low native storage to the mix and you have a recipe for market disaster.

1. Nokia X

The first Nokia device ever to (sort of) run Android, the Nokia X, was unfortunately a pretty disappointing one. Its performance was appalling, the rear camera did not have a flash sidekick and as a whole was a pretty sub-par one (not to mention the lack of a front-facing snapper), and the build of the phone also left a lot to be desired - all of this combined make for a phone that was mostly "meh".

The Nokia N900 was a notable Nokia device from 2009, which was an able-bodied multi-tasker sporting a large screen, perfect call quality, and a browser that supports Flash. It was running on the Linux-powered Maemo 5 platform, which well-designed and did its job almost impeccably. 

The Lumia 920 is a Windows Phone device that made us fall in love with its spectacular camera - the low-light performance, image stabilization, and additional traits made it a venerable and noteworthy cameraphone. These are just few of the reasons that made us fall in love with it, though - its crisp display and useful on-board apps.

5. Nokia Lumia 720

The Nokia Lumia 720 is a 2013 mid-ranger that we truly fell in love with. The appealing design, good camera, and the speakers made the Lumia 720 a device that offered very good bang for the buck.

4. Nokia Lumia 1520

The large Nokia Lumia 1520 is a 6-inch beast that boasted some pretty respectable specs - a quad-core Snapdragon 800, 2 gigs of RAM, a 20MP rear camera, and a 3,400mAh battery at the back made it one of the best-spec'd Windows Phone devices to ever see the light of day. 

3. Nokia E90 Communicator

This device from 2007 was more of a portable computer than any other Nokia device before it. With a full QWERTY keyboard, a large battery, and a large display that was perfectly visible in broad daylight, the E90 Communicator was one of the most functional devices in its time.

2. Nokia N82

Housing a nifty Carl Zeiss camera at its back, the Nokia N82 was among the very best Nokia has ever churned out from its factories. This Symbian warrior did not have any major flaws, albeit its keyboard was a hate-it-or-love-it affair at best. The rear camera had a xenon flash sidekick and a dedicated shutter key, which certainly hinted that this Finnish trooper is an able-bodied photographer. The rest of the Nokia N82 was also pretty spectacular, which earns it the runner-up spot in this list.

1. Nokia N95

Without a doubt, the Nokia N95 was one of the most advanced and sophisticated smartphones at its time. The N95 was the perfect example of what Nokia could pull in its heyday. A device that is worth remembering.

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