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The Samsung Galaxy S5 already made 0.7% of all Android smartphones just a week after launch

The Samsung Galaxy S5 already made 0.7% of all Android smartphones just a week after launch
It's been more than ten days since Samsung's latest and finest, the Galaxy S5, got officially released on April 11 in 125 countries worldwide. The much-anticipated device was off on the right foot during its launch – it topped the opening day sales of its predecessor, the Galaxy S4. It was highly probable that this great start would result into a fast adoption of the Galaxy S5. Indeed, it seems that the flagship already accounted for 0.7% of all active Android smartphones worldwide just a week after it got launched. This rather interesting piece of information was revealed by Localytics, a mobile analytics agency, which studied the sales of the device from April 11 to April 18.

According to Localytics, the adoption rate of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is “especially impressive” because of several reasons. For starters, it does compete with a big number of rivaling high-end Android devices on a pretty fragmented and populated market. In addition, a lot of consumers had very high expectations about Samsung's flagship and most of them got slightly disappointed when the device got unveiled. Still, these factors did not prevent the Galaxy S5 from already taking an impressive bite from the Android smartphone market for such a miniscule amount of time.
Localytics went even further, as they compared the initial adoption rate of Samsung's flagship with the latest high-end device of its biggest rival, Apple – the iPhone 5s. It seems that just seven days after the Cupertino giant began retailing its flagship device back in September 2013, roughly 1.1% of all active iPhones were 5s ones. Although this percentage shows that Apple's flagship had a higher adoption rate than the Galaxy S5 for the same amount of time, we should take into consideration that the market for Apple-branded smartphones is totally defragmented, as “iPhone users always know which iPhone is the most sophisticated”.

It also seems that Samsung's flagship has achieved a bigger popularity among US consumers – 64% of all Samsung Galaxy S5 have been sold on the local American market, whereas Europe accounts for just 23% of all retailed devices. Still, we should note that the main reason for this big gap is most probably the fact that the flagship is not yet available across all European countries. The remaining 13% of all Galaxy S5 sales are divided between all other countries, in which the flagship is currently available for purchase.

Only time will show if the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be as successful as its predecessor in terms of overall sales. As we stated in our review, the Galaxy S5 is an impressive device, however, the competition might give Sammy a hard time this year.

source: Localytics via SamMobile
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