The Movie Hop lets you plan a movies night out with schedules and wait times all from your Android phone

Developer: TMH Download: Android
Category: Education Price: Free

Planning a multiple movie night out can quickly become tricky if you want to make the most of the available schedule. But The Movie Hop can make it all good for you. Start the app and type in your ZIP code so the app can fetch your location and list nearby cinemas. Next, input the time you plan on going out and choose the theater you want to hit. The app supports all ZIP codes and theaters in the USA, so it's got you fully covered.

Finally comes the best part – the app calculates all possible movie combinations and lets you choose the one that'll work best for you. All suggestions come complete with the total wait time between movies and the time spent at the theater laid out, so you can plan your night out with military-spec precision. Not kidding – you're able to make plans two days in advance, which is enough time to make an empire crumble and still have time left for sandwiches.

The Movie Hop is limited to five movies per night (2 movies in the free version), which out to be enough for even the fiercest cinema goers, unless you somehow don't need sleep to function on a daily basis. Of course, you don't have to be alone in your adventure, for the combinations and movie plans can be shared quickly with your friends.

Aren't we privileged for living in the age of abundant information sharing? Pulling this stuff off before the time of apps used to take sifting through movie times lists, doing all the calculations by hand to see which movies actually fit in your schedule, and actually storing all this data somewhere reliable – obviously, we aren't talking paper notes that crumble in your pockets. And then you had to call all your friends and brief them on your movie night plans individually. Much work, very tedious! The Movie Hop lets you do all that stuff with all but a few minutes of enthusiastic on-screen tapping.


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