Galaxy S9 to debut on February 25, but LG G7 or Huawei P20 won't fight it then

Galaxy S9 to debut on February 25, but LG G7 or Huawei P20 won't fight it then
Not that it comes as a huge surprise, but Samsung is apparently making a grand return to the MWC expo this year, ready to announce its Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagships on February 25, or the Sunday before the expo starts, as usual. 

The announcement will be taking place in the afternoon local time (Sunday morning in the US), and the source claims that we are to expect Snapdragon 845, Super Phase Detection autofocus on the 12 MP camera(s), and 3000 mAh/3500mAh batteries, respectively. Release date is set for early March, and so far we've been hearing that preorders may begin 1/3, with shipments starting 3/16 from several independent sources.

Samsung's best and brightest will be the only stars of the MWC expo, however, as the newest report out of Korea reiterates that both LG and Huawei will postpone the announcements of their respective flagships for a later day, in order to avoid getting in a direct clash for attention with the S9. LG will allegedly bring an enhanced version of the V30 to showcase, while Huawei will have its eventual triple-camera leader the P20 unveiled at a separate event some time in late March/early April. 

Thus, the floor will be entirely Samsung's to win, and you can bet that we will be there first row to broadcast all the variable aperture and Super Slow Motion details emanating from the S9 keynote.

source: ETNews (translated)

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