The FCC to open up 195MHz of 5GHz spectrum to alleviate Wi-Fi congestion

The FCC to open up 195MHz of 5GHz spectrum to alleviate Wi-Fi congestion
Speaking at a convention center full of Wi-Fi users at CES 2013, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced that the FCC will open up a nice bit of spectrum to alleviate the congestion of Wi-Fi networks. The 195MHz of 5GHz spectrum that the FCC will release is designed to allow Wi-Fi users to get faster data speed and capacity at hubs such as airports and convention centers. The release of this spectrum should also help those at home using Wi-Fi as multiple device use increases. This move will free up the spectrum known as "Gigabit Wi-Fi". Capacity of this unlicensed ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi spectrum will increase by as much as 35% and offers users improved HD video capabilities.

The FCC will make the additional spectrum available next month. The 5GHz spectrum is also used by federal agencies which means that an agreement must be reached to prevent problems from popping up and Chairman Genachowski said that the FCC will move quickly to get things in place. A statement released by the FCC also mentioned next-gen Wi-Fi spectrum that will be able to travel over longer distances and penetrate walls and hills thanks to the lower frequencies belonging to this block of Wi-Fi spectrum that comes from the "white spaces" between broadcast television channels.

source: FCC via Phonescoop



1. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1245; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

So the Gov owns wave frequencies? I know a lot about phones but this is a whole other something.

2. morganboy0

Posts: 7; Member since: Apr 23, 2010

I was thinking the same thing?!

3. Contreramanjaro

Posts: 153; Member since: Dec 04, 2011

Uhh...essentially yes. You can do whatever you want with frequencies in your own home but not in the public space. All cell phone carriers and radio stations more or less rent the space they use. It's just because when radio was just emerging companies would use the radio waves however they pleased and could broadcast on someone else's space or bleed over into another region. As a result the FCC set up a system of rules for it. This is why pretty much every radio station has to do a weather and news report.

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