Tethering still not available in Windows Phone Mango, carriers to blame

Tethering still not available in Windows Phone Mango, carriers to blame
Out of the 500 new features introduced in Mango, we could name a few like multi-tasking and Internet Explorer 9 that are true gamechangers, but can you guess among all the features available across platforms which is the one sorely missing on Windows Phone Mango? Yes, it’s tethering, or using your phone as a stand-alone modem, that’s not available on the platform, but the reason for this lies far from Microsoft’s inability to hardcode it.

General Manager for WP7 Matt Bencke touched on the issue at its core on the Windows Team Blog:

“Tethering, in the past was something that we managed independently of the Mobile Operators (e.g. AT&T, Orange, Verizon).  In recent years, the Mobile Operators have now taken ownership of this functionality x-all platforms (e.g. our competitors as well as us).  We are continually working with them and our OEM partners to enable this functionality for our devices, but at this time there isn’t an announcement that we’ve made in regards to rolling out this feature. Stay Tuned!”

Wireless carriers have truly went hunting for tethering apps chasing additional profits in the recent months and AT&T has been in the forefront of these efforts, as the carrier sent out warning messages threatening to start charging users additionally even without their consent.

source: Windows Team Blog via WPCentral



1. JSern

Posts: 282; Member since: May 22, 2011

When you said "Still", did you meant it will come out eventually? or still not confirm?

3. dandirk unregistered

The tethering rules are a joke... I paid for the internet service why should they care if a laptop or phone is using it? This is doubly true for metered tiered services, since I am paying for x speed and y amount of data. I should be able to use it any way I want. Its not like it matters to them. I could understand if tethering allowed faster speeds without paying for it or something...

5. bluechrism unregistered

because they are afraid that if you can tether, you might drop that $30-$60/month broadband service, especially as mobile data speeds get faster.

4. bluechrism unregistered

This is a very US point of view - in the UK for example, tethering features are enabled and allowed by all carriers (from what i understand O2 were the last to officially alow free tethering) and data is just data, however you use it. However, no (major) carriers in the UK have broadband services which tethering would take profits from where AT&T and Verizon do. And if they don't like tethering, it's easy for t-mobile and sprint and everyone else to take the same attitude. But this attitude isn't global and MS should do well to remember that - being the only OS in the market that can't tether isn't going to help sales in those countries where tethering is allowed.

6. Denio

Posts: 23; Member since: Feb 15, 2011

well said..

7. Gawain

Posts: 437; Member since: Apr 15, 2010

I'm calling shenanigans on this. Tethering is not such difficult a protocol. Dumb phones have been able to do it for years regardless of which entity "manages" it. BlackBerry has the functionality built in through its own desktop manager. The wifi hotspot is arguably more complex to facilitate through the hardware, yet nearly every middle/high-end smartphone recently offered on VZW has it (Pre2, iOS, TBolt, DX, DX2, Revolution, Charge). Unfortunately, I travel enough that tethering and/or hot-spot is a "must-have" for me. I really want to give the HTC Trophy a shot now that it's available...it sucks because WP7 is clearly a serious contender, but seeing as how there are nearly 500 updates coming with "Mango", it shows how half-baked these platforms are.

12. pyckvi

Posts: 48; Member since: Dec 19, 2010

On the android platform, tethering for root users was out way before android thought about implementing it into android 2.2. so anybody that wants tethering on the wp7, im sure there is already a dev working on it now.

13. The_Miz

Posts: 1496; Member since: Apr 06, 2011

In the US, capitalism at its finest

15. Mario unregistered

I live in Italy, where carriers do allow tethering. I was just planning to give up my UMTS UBS Key and its monthly bill, than to buy a Win7 Smartphone and use it for tethering too. But I was unaware of such an incredible lack in Win Phone 7 o.s., even in its next major upgrade! Obviously, I cant' buy a new and supposedly ultra-modern & feature rich device, still remaining obliged to keep my old UMTS Key when I need to connect my laptop to the web.

16. Nigel-Gibb unregistered

MS are pathetic, they need to grow a pair, catch up with the competition and the carriers can go get stuffed

17. Michael2000 unregistered

Apple and Android both have tethering. What's Microsoft's excuse? If I pay for the tethering plan over at AT&T, I should be able to use tethering. Microsoft is doing something wrong. Microsoft needs to get off their butts, and get all of the features of the other phones, AND THEN SOME. This platform is dying.

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