Here's your chance to try out T-Mobile's 4G LTE network for up to 30 days with no charge


Back in 2014, T-Mobile offered a promotion called Test Drive. Those interested in taking the carrier's network for a spin received an Apple iPhone 5s (with an accompanying $699.99 hold on their credit card) for one week. As long as the phone was returned to T-Mobile in a timely manner, without a cracked screen, water damage or an active Find My iPhone feature, the credit card hold was removed.

Now, a bit more than five years later, T-Mobile is bringing Test Drive back. In a video released this morning by the wireless provider, CEO John Legere announced Test Drive Amped by pointing out that "wireless is one of the only industries in the world that makes you buy before you try." And this time, cheating on your current carrier won't require a credit card. Instead, head over to the new T-Mobile Test Drive web page and sign up to receive a mobile hotspot that will connect your current phone with the T-Mobile 4G LTE network. Keep in mind that each household is limited to one mobile hotspot. And when you're done with the hotspot, you can drop it off at any T-Mobile store or give it to a friend.

"You use your phone every single day and yet, if you want to switch networks, you got to go to a store, get a new phone, move all your photos and apps and passwords over, waste an entire Saturday. And then-only then-can you find out if the network works for you...we make cheating on your carrier easy."-John Legere, CEO T-Mobile

With the mobile hotspot, you'll get 30 days or 30GB of data (whichever is reached first) to test out T-Mobile's network. Legere notes in the video that the company has added 25,000 new towers and cell cites over the last three years. During the same time period it has spent $30 billion to upgrade the network allowing it to cover 21 million more Americans with its 4G LTE signals. And while data traffic on the carrier's pipelines have tripled over the last three years, download data speeds are 60% faster.

If you're not a T-Mobile customer but always wondered about switching, here is your chance to check out the carrier's network to see if it meets your needs. And this time, you really have nothing to lose except the guilt you'll feel for cheating on your existing wireless provider.

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