Tearing down the Galaxy Tab

Tearing down the Galaxy Tab
The crafty device surgeons from iFixit did not wait long to dissect the newest competitor in the tablet field, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can now follow the step by step instructions to see the insides of the 7-inch Android tablet. It will inevitably be compared to the iPad but the differences start when you open up the hood and to do that you will need some unconventional tools like a guitar pick and a three-wing screwdriver. Be sure to get all those before you start and you will have more fun.

The iPad's overwhelming share in the tablet segment will open up the space for iPad killers and trigger endless polemics. The Galaxy Tab is definitely one of them with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor in comparison to Apple's iPad A4 chip. Memory-wise we are counting solid 1 GB of RAM. The biggest difference is of course the size and as we all know size matters. You can see this reflected in the bill of materials, which grosses $205 for the Galaxy Tab compared to $264.7 for the 16 gig 3G flavor of the iPad, according to iSuppli's previously released analysis.

But let's skip the numbers and look at the cracking and fixing. Take a look at the pictures below to see for yourselves.

source: iFixit

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