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Take a hike, purple, blue is the best Note 9 color!

Take a hike, purple, blue is the best Note 9 color!
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been announced with a grand total of 4 different color choices. The good ol', never-out-of-fashion black, Samsung's favorite blue, a Metallic Copper, and a new version of purple in the form of Lavender Purple.

In all honesty, all four variants look stunning to us, so we wondered — which one will be a favorite among our readers. You guessed it, we ran a poll!

Turns out Lavender Purple is not as popular as we might have guessed... it didn't even get 6% of votes! Midnight Black is a fairly beloved choice, possibly due to the fact that black is never out of fashion. Metallic Copper got almost as many votes as black, either because it's a fresh addition for Samsung's top-tier phones, or simply because it looks so cool. And then, Ocean Blue trumps all with a total of 44.72% of voters choosing it over the others.

Seems blue is not just Samsung's favorite.


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