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T-Mobile promotional video focuses on awkward texts sent to the wrong number


We all send out texts that we regret as soon as we hit the send button. Many times it is simply a matter of sending a missive to the wrong number. Those messages are the subject of T-Mobile's promotion with the Tonight Show and its host Jimmy Fallon. The segment shows texts that turn out to be embarrassing to the sender, and were sent to Fallon's crew by using the hashtag #MyAwkwardTexts. NBCUniversal seems to be selling out its late-night talk show for some extra bucks; on Monday, the show broke from its traditional format and was recorded entirely with the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

The texts were acted out by Fallon, who handled the male part of each text, and a T-Mobile employee named Amanda who voiced the female part. Despite howls of laughter from the audience, we really can't say that any of the texts were drop dead funny; but considering that they were sent to the wrong number, we can see where they might be awkward for the person who sent them. One text, a lengthy, flowery love letter to someone named Marcus from his wife, went to someone who was not Marcus.

The other two texts included one asking about a possible name for a baby, and one that made the recipient wonder if he had a child he didn't know about. And of course, there was a pitch for the nation's third largest carrier that started with T-Mobile saying, "You'll always know our number," and continued by discussing its current plan priced at $40/month per line for 4 lines. That includes unlimited talk, text and data, and taxes and fees. Autopay is required. We could see more videos like this disseminated by T-Mobile in the future.

Right now, the industry awaits word on whether the proposed T-Mobile and Sprint merger will get the regulatory approval from the FCC and DOJ needed to close the deal.
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