T-Mobile Home Internet goes down in price and also includes a $200 joining reward

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T-Mobile Home Internet goes down in price and also includes a $200 joining reward
In January, T-Mobile announced that it was raising its Home Internet's price by $10 to $60 per month for new customers. The company has now brought the price back down to $50.

T-Mobile's Home Internet uses 5G technology to provide wireless internet connectivity.


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T-Mobile is one of the most reliable players on the market but a price increase may have put some potential customers off, which is probably why the company is not only offering the service for $50 a month but also giving you a welcome bonus of $200 via Virtual Prepaid Mastercard.

T-Mobile states that the $200 cash-back is a limited-time offer but it hasn't revealed whether the same is true for the price cut. The company has a habit of increasing and decreasing the price every now and then.

For the sign-up reward, you must sign up for Home Internet online. It could take up to 10 weeks before you get your prepaid card.

If you want to pay even less, you will want to pair the internet connection with a Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta MAX voice line. This will bring your internet bill down to $40 per month.

Keep in mind that for maximum savings, you will have to enable AutoPay, for which you need to pay your bills either using your bank account or a debit card.

With the new service, you will also get the Price Lock guarantee, which assures you that T-Mobile will pay your last month's bill if it raises the monthly rate.

The $50 monthly fee makes T-Mobile's Home Internet competitive with Verizon's offerings. More importantly, it makes it more affordable than most other options, which on average have a monthly price of $63.

While T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet may not be as fast as cable and fiber services, it's fast enough for most customers. The company is also considering an acquisition to bring fiber access to underserved areas.

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