Survey: Most smartphone users aren't pleased with their wireless carrier and are ready to switch

Survey: Most smartphone users aren't pleased with their wireless carrier, ready to switch
According to a survey conducted by Accenture, the majority of smartphone users are not pleased with their wireless carrier, and are ready to switch. A few years ago, consumers didn't know what they should expect from a wireless provider. But with the number of global consumers sporting a smart device rising from 26% in 2012 to 80% currently, most consumers now know exactly what they should be getting from a wireless carrier. As a result, the survey shows that 60% of those surveyed are not happy "with their connectivity," and are ready to switch.

Other results of the survey reveal that 62% have concerns about the security of their financial transactions. Not surprisingly, a whopping 83% are not happy about ads ruining their mobile experience. It seems hard to believe, but only 47% are concerned with privacy and security on their wireless device.

With smartphone sales growth expected to register a figure under double digits this year, the survey revealed that in 2015 only 13% were planning on buying a new smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC over the coming 12 months. That was a 60% decline from the 33% that were planning on making such a purchase during 2015. 41% of those buying a new phone this year are doing so in order to snag the "newest and most innovative features."

Here is the challenge for carriers in the years ahead. 71% of those surveyed said that they would pay a carrier higher rates for better connectivity. Some might argue that this is Verizon's business plan in the U.S. This shows why Verizon continues to grow despite being one of the costliest wireless providers in the states (if not THE highest priced carrier). And 83% stated that they would buy more products and services from carriers if they could speed up the pace of problem resolution.

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Other results of the survey show that 81% are watching online movies, and 69% are playing online games. And Good news for Apple, Samsung, Google and LG. 50% are already using a mobile payment service.

source: Accenture

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