Stamina Mode on the Sony Xperia Z shown off on video

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Stamina Mode on the Sony Xperia Z shown off on video
One of the features that make Sony's new flagship so cool is the so-called Stamina Mode. Simply put, it turns off the functions you don't need when the smartphone isn't in use, thus dramatically prolonging its stand-by time. At the same time, the user is free to whitelist certain features and applications that won't be affected by the battery saving mode, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, notifications, and more. When enabled, Stamina Mode could potentially boost the stand-by time of the Sony Xperia Z by up to 400%.

To get potential buyers more familiar with Stamina Mode, Sony just posted this promotional video on its Facebook page. Check it out if we've sparked your curiosity, and if you'd like to learn more about the company's new flagship, feel free to read our Sony Xperia Z hands-on review. Plenty of photos are also available over there for your viewing pleasure.

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