Sprint commits to iDEN

Sprint commits to iDEN
File under: "Moves we'll regret later."  In the on again, off again relationship between Sprint and it's own iDEN network it would appear that the relationship is now on again.  The nation's number three carrier has issued a press release to say that not only are they going to hang on to the embattled network, but that they have also renewed their long term agreement with Motorola and plan to enhance network and infrastructure support, as well as bring software upgrades to the dying technology.

Not only will the network be maintained, but Sprint has committed to eight new iDEN devices in 2009, not including the i576 (which launches today) and the BlackBerry Curve 8350i which is expected later this year.  They go on to say that five of those eight devices are slated for launch in the first half of the year.  If they are half as good looking as the i9 then maybe there's still some life left in the old network, but we're rather curious to see this new emphasis in light of QChat's technical superiority and flexibility.

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1. unregistered

And Sprint looked like they were beginning to turn the corner.. congrats guys I guess number 3 is good enough for you.

2. Midnight unregistered

Wasnt the FCC threatening to shut down the Iden network because of interference with emergency services? didnt they make an agreement to sell or change it over by 2009 or some stuff??

3. unregistered


5. MidnightDT unregistered

9. unregistered

I have to agree, there was a deadline in 2009 for Sprint to move out of the iDen network. I think Sprint tried to appeal the decision. Has something changed?

10. unregistered

Actually they didn't have to sell the iden network. They had to give up some of the radio frequencies they were using in order to free them up for governement agencies.

4. unregistered

Relax guys, I think at this point Sprint knows what theyre doing and they obviously have a "gameplan" thaty they feel will continue to help them turn the corner and I think theyre going to make it.

6. unregistered

As a VZW employee, I have a somewhat biased opintion, but personally I think Dan Hess is going to save Sprint. He has called great shots since day one. So I'm going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt on this call and assume he has something up his sleave. Do not interpret this as an endorsement for Sprint, I would never wish that company on my friends. But in 3-4 years and Dan Hess at the helm, they are going to make a huge come-back.

7. unregistered

Completely agreed

12. unregistered

As a VZW tech, i would see alot more purpose to investing HEAVILY on ther CDMA or EVDO networks... why push iDEN? Iden is severly limited in capacity... hell... you couldnt get ahold of nextel customers half the time before. perhaps there going to keep it and make all hybrid buisness phones with CDMA and IDEN? strikes me as a bizarre move either way...

8. unregistered

whetther it works or not, remember Sprint is no. 3. the closest to touch them is t-mobile and they have awhile before they catch up even with the G1.

11. unregistered

I look at it like this only spot to change will be the #1 spot as soon as verizon completely consumes Alltel. Sprint needs to focus on holding onto the #3 spot and then work on moving up. As for keeping Nextel, Sprint lets get some towers rolling! I have a flag pole in my yard you can use!!

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