Sprint still considering the sale of its iDEN network

Sprint still considering the sale of its iDEN network
It's no surprise that Sprint is looking for a potential buyer for the iDEN network, however the company is keeping cool and fielding the best offers. During a keynote address at CTIA, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse shrugged off analyst concerns that the iDEN network was a tough sell, saying that the company was weighing its options. Sprint received the iDEN network as a result of its purchase of Nextel in 2005, but has faced continuing struggles to integrate the two networks.

Hesse reiterated the company's position at a Goldman Sachs conference: "We don't have to do this. If we get an offer that's compelling and delivering and all sorts of other things, we'll absolutely consider it. If we don't, we'll hold on to it. It's a valuable asset." Analysts interpreted the comment to mean that Sprint had received satisfactory offers. "If there were no bidders or if the prices of those bidders were too low, there would be no point in saying they were looking at options," Pali Capital analyst Walter Piecyk said.
Hesse continued to say there was little impact yet from the weaker U.S. economy, and continued to say that he was confident in the company's ability to close a deal involving high-speed wireless Internet service Clearwire Corp.

Source: Reuters



1. unregistered

Dumb ass Sprint! Stop bring phones to market that are soley iDEN if you going to sell the network! WHat the hell are they smoking in Kansas?

9. unregistered

If only Sprint was as smart as you and your grammar skills

12. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

The good stuff. lol

14. unregistered

You're one to comment on grammar. It should read" If only Sprint WERE as smart as you and your grammar skills"

2. unregistered

They've got QChat. Might as well sell it while it's worth something good.

3. unregistered

they still have to sell the service guy think about if they hav ethe same old phone think about they still have to make money

10. unregistered

I have no clue what you just stated in that very grammatically incorrect "sentence."

4. unregistered

The only phone that you could consider "exciting" is the Curve 8350i, the rest are your stereotypical iDEN phones.

5. unregistered

if iden gets bought out by verizon, damn watch out!

11. unregistered

Yeah watch out! What would happen is all that all the VZW fanboys and salespeople on here who have been telling everybody how bad iDEN is, would suddenly reverse field and start talking about how great it is. Not that it would ever happen. I think SHOULD sell it, but only if they can retain inter-operability with q-chat as part of the deal. That would allow them to maintain the competitive advantage they currently have over VZW's Rev A PTT, unburden themselves from the headaches of having two networks and bring in a decent amount of cash that they can use on something else (Wimax-based PTT anyone?).

13. yo momma unregistered

verizon wireless doesnt need to buy iden. we've already got our PTT network...

6. Big Black Gorilla with i880 unregistered

You butt monkeys don't know iDEN's capability from a two cans and a piece of string. Sprint has upgraded the iDEN network and it runs better than ever. If your in business and need PTT iDEN is the best, period. If your butt monkey with a prepaid paid phone and $25 aircard your mommy bought you, you'd say sell it now because its not worth anything.

7. unregistered

Saw this on Craigslist For Sale: One outdate network and failing company. 2.5 Mhz spectrum and complete rights QChat not included. Please contact Danny Hesse. Serious offers ONLY!!!

8. unregistered

If Sprint sells the Iden network there going to fall flat on there faces!!! The only 1 that should buy the Iden network is NII Holding's!!!

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