Sprint to dump Nextel?

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Sprint to dump Nextel?
Amid renewed rumors this morning of a Deutsche Telekomtakeover, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint is "seriously considering" dumping the Nextel product. This is by no means the first time we've heard rumors of this nature, and it most likely won't be the last, but when they come from the most respected name in the business world we're a bit more inclined to believe it.  The WSJ is reporting that Cyren Call, founded by extel co-founder Morgan O'Brien, is looking to gather up investors to buy the network with the intention of creating a wireless national public safety network.

The merger has been a mess since day one, resulting in nearly 10,000 layoffs, two ousted CEOs and a write-down of Nextel's value in February. Though Sprint management has professed a commitment to iDEN, at this point the network is little more than dead weight and even with the upcoming QChat devices Sprint probably wouldn't be able to shut it down until at least 2012. Furthermore, Sprint's commitment to WiMax means they would be managing three separate networks. What we've seen of new CEO Dan Hesse has impressed us up until now, and a selloff of Nextel would show that he is not afraid to right the wrongs of past management.

source: Wall Street Journal (subscription required)



1. unregistered

I realy like the upcoming samsung sph z700 and the motorola v950. Sprint should keep improving his flip phones line ( big screen, full html browser, windows mobil, compact desing, solid device , new tecnology and push to x is a good idea that can be developed. Inovation of flip phones has to be updated.

2. unregistered

it was bound to happen, grease and water will never mix

3. unregistered

well sprint neeeds to do more that just drop nextel. nextel phones are outdated now. sprint needs to get more up to date phones. like blackberrys quadphones for example. or like t-mobiles wing or the ever popular kid like-able sidekick. its that simple.

4. C-Chickie unregistered

The merge NEVER should have happened in the first place. IN my opinion nothing good ever came from this merge

5. unregistered

I've come to despise my Nextel service with sprint. It used to be premium serviceat a premium price, now it's the worst coverage and all automated service and still premium price. Comparable at&t and Verizon plans are less than half. Current crop of Motorola phones are very low quality. I hope they sell it so I can make them break my contract.

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