Sprint will continue to invest in iDEN

Sprint will continue to invest in iDEN
In 2008 Sprint will continue investing in the Nextel’s iDEN, by “aggressively marketing Nextel Direct Connect and expanding features and functionality including combining Direct Connect with Sprint Mobile Broadband data capabilities.” This will result in new options for the customers, such as “push-to-x", which can include push to instantly send a text message or send an image, push-to-information and other enhanced features in the future. The company will also introduce new handsets supporting the network. Last year more than 90 billion push-to-talk connections were completed. Sprint also received J.D. Power and Associates Platinum Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.

source: Sprint



1. unregistered

maybe they should worry more about moving their iden network off of the emergency lines first, before investing in new iden technologys, or else they wont have any subscribers come june when the government shuts them down, to sell to.

2. Gib unregistered

How did they win that JD powers award. did they talk to customers? Call CC?

3. Ha! unregistered

This is one of the funniest things i've heard in a while... JD power and associates must have deffinetly talked to customers to get a rating on the customer service they must of just phoned this one in... being that anyone and everyone konws that sprint is by for the worst in customer service!

4. unregistered

I guess sprint just went in back room and pulled a chimp out of a barrel to be new CEO. New idiot , old strategy: try to milk iden for all its worth and leave us poor customers sucking wind. GREAT STRATEGY

5. unregistered

Sprint was such an innovator at 1st; went straight to digital when all was still playing w/analog. Now the gears are in reverse, they want to play with 20th century tech in a 21st century world

6. nebie unregistered

please guys..if you think having the best push to talk intergrated with the fastest data is stupid..then more power to you

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