Spotlight: Flyperlink is a fast Android web browser optimized for multitasking

Developer: Flyperlink Download: Android
Category: Browsers Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Care to try out a new browser? Here's a tip from us. Flyperlink is a light web browser that's specially optimized for multitasking on mobile devices.

Following the first launch, Flyperlink quietly runs in the background until you get to tap a hyperlink. Android will ask you to decide which app you want to open the link with – be it Chrome, Flyperlink, or another browser you might be a fan of. When you choose Flyperlink, a bubble will appear that you can expand and minimize, and the bubble can be moved freely so it doesn't get in the way. Moreover, when you are done with a website, you can simply drag the bubble to the trash icon at the bottom of your screen, and it will go away.

Core functionality aside, Flyperlink's list of features is rich, so here's a little bit about each individual highlight. The Link feature lets you tap a link and select Flyperlink to open a floating web browser, which displays its content. Likewise, the share button in other applications can be used to open content inside the floating browser. With the Minimize button, you can move the bubble or use the navigation keys to close the content you're viewing while keeping it minimized inside the bubble. Showing content over the lockscreen is a possibility as well. Text selection lets you select the entirety of a text to copy, and desktop mode renders pages just like on a desktop device. 

The Flyperlink browser is free for the most part, but also contains optional in-app purchases. These will let you enable re-sizable popup mode, or support the project through a small donation.

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