5 small, fast, and snappy browsers for Android

5 small and fast browsers for Android
Browsing the web is among the essential functions that each smartphone should be able to perform – no matter of its class. Odds are, you are spending a lot of time with your browser open. However, some entry-level and midrange handsets sometimes don't have a very good stock browser and often lack the resources to run heavy browsers. Additionally, low end handsets are already constrained enough in terms of internal storage, and you'd be forgiven if you are looking to slim down on space used by looking for lighter alternatives of your stock apps.

Well, there are quite a few browsers out there on the Play Store, who promise to be “small” and “fast”, so we went ahead and checked out as many of them as we could find. Out of the bunch, we selected 5, which were truly small and snappy, but didn't destroy the web-viewing experience by breaking websites or constantly feeding us ads. All of the browsers on the list are free – check them out, try whichever draws your attention, and let us know – did you like it?

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