Spotlight: Evie is a great and dead-simple launcher for Android that you'll love


Developer: Evie LabsDownload: Android
Category: PersonalizationPrice: Free

You probably do know that we are suckers for great Android launchers -- not that we despise stock ones, it's just that we adore the flexibility and customizability of third-party launchers. There are a few really big boys on the scene, lead by none other than Nova Launcher, but we should mention that new and innovative apps of the kind hit the Play Store on a regular basis.

One of the new ones that deserve a bit more recognition (in our humble opinion) is Evie, a simple launcher that sets itself apart from just any other one out there. The highlight and main selling point of Evie is its lackluster set of features -- upon installing this one, you won't be drowned by a countless amount of options and features that require your immediate attention if you want to have a usable launcher. 

In stark contrast, Evie only allows you to shake things up by changing up the launcher's icon pack and tweaking the screen grid layout a bit - for example, you can change the scaling of the icons, or simply add/reduce the amount of rows and columns you have on the screen.  

In Evie, you start with one home screen and can add another one for additional icon shortcuts and widgets - we know this seems like a pretty restricted amount of space, but it forces you to be more efficient by not spreading yourself thin across too many screens. There is no app drawer, with your apps, widgets, and settings page being accessible by swiping right. 

Google Now is also tightly integrated within Evie - a simple swipe up opens the assistant and so does a quick uttering of the "Okay Google" hotword. Additionally, swiping down on the Evie homescreen opens up a spotlight-like search bar that lets you trawl your phone and the web. 

You can then add shortcuts of the search results to your screen, which could turn out mighty useful!

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