Sony’s SmartWatch arrives in the US, you can have it for $150

Sony’s SmartWatch arrives in the US, you can have it for $150
Sony just announed its SmartWatch Bluetooth sidekick to your phone has now arrived in the US and it could be yours for $150. The SmartWatch is actually the second wristwatch by Sony, and just like the first one it works in conjunction with your smartphone. Almost all of the SmartWatch’s features depend on having a strong connection to the phone.

So what does the SmartWatch do? You can check the time, of course, on the 1.3-inch display, but also do more than that. Reading emails, controlling the phone’s media player and use it as a remote for the phone’s camera are all among the features.

The whole experience actually depends on developers and what they come up with. So far there are around 60 apps for the SmartWatch. But in order to change some information, you’d be likely forced to reach for that phone.

“If somebody is thinking of using a device without their phone, this is not the product for them,” Sony’s Stephen Sneeden explained.

If you’re looking for alternatives, probably the hottest device to check out is Pebble - a Kickstarter project for an iPhone/Android-compatible phone that looks awesome and costs slightly less. It’s still a project in the making, though, so don’t expect to get it earlier than this September. There’s also the Motorola MotoACTV, but get ready to swallow a bitter price of nearly $250.

source: Sony

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