Sony promotes the waterproof Xperia M4 Aqua by reminding us that phones are filthy

Sony promotes the waterproof Xperia M4 Aqua by reminding us that phones are filthy
Sony recently recently launched, a website that explains in almost thorough detail that our smartphones could be filthier than a public toilet. Falling just short of triggering a microphobia crysis, the website promotes the waterproof Sony Xperia M4 Aqua as a washable phone.

As the name implies, dirtyphones is full of stats that explain just how dirty and bacteria-filled the average smartphone is. According to the website, 92% of all smartphones have some sort of bacteria on them, while 16% of them are infested with E coli, which is a bacteria usually found in feces.

The website also reminds us that phones usually encounter bacteria in places such as subways, restaurants, public restrooms and gyms, and that we should clean them as often as possible. The website moves on to mention that while smartphones can be cleaned using tissue paper, alcohol wipes, or UV cleaners, the simplest way is to wash the phone, which leads to promoting the waterproof, washable Xperia M4 Aqua.

For extra scary points, the website also comes with a tool, called the Germ-o-Meter, which will give you a rough estimate of how many germs might be on your smartphone at the moment. Head over to the source link below to find out what boxes to tick for an ultra-filthy estimate.

Aside from being waterproof, the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua comes with specs such as a 5-inch 720 x 1280 display, the upper mid-range Snapdragon 615 chipset, 2GB of RAM, a 2400mAh battery, and either 8GB or 16GB of microSD-expandable internal storage. In the camera department, the Xperia M4 Aqua is equipped with a 13MP primary camera, and a 5MP front-facing secondary shooter. 

If you're interested in purchasing one, the 8GB Xperia M4 Aqua - which comes with just 1.2GB of user-available storage - is available from Amazon priced at $349 unlocked.



1. theguy2345

Posts: 1216; Member since: Jun 24, 2014

Sony it's trying to kill us germaphobes.

5. dimas

Posts: 3373; Member since: Jul 22, 2014

Classic marketing strategy. Use people's obsessive fear of everything in environment. Exploit it to make people buy products.

2. romeo1

Posts: 816; Member since: Jan 06, 2012

This is my main reason to have a waterproof phone. I always slept with my phone until i got the x10 since then i thought about it being dirty and didn't use it before i went to bed. And if i had to use it then i needed to wash my hands again. I went with the z just because it could be washed in water i also wanted the acro s and v but they came out very late and almost not available where i live. The other waterproof phones where horrible in terms of specs

3. Edward_bly

Posts: 278; Member since: Dec 11, 2013

4. dimas

Posts: 3373; Member since: Jul 22, 2014

We live in a planet where billions of bacteria are crawling everywhere. Humans are evolved to adapt to these kind of species. People don't need disinfectants unless they live in a really filthy place. Nice try sony on justifying your overpriced phone with 1gb internal storage.

6. buccob

Posts: 2968; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

"...and either 16GB or 32GB of microSD-expandable internal storage..."

8. Samsomesh

Posts: 195; Member since: Jun 11, 2012

16 gb version has 9.9 gb internal memory...

10. gaming64 unregistered

What? On iPhones I get 3 to 4 GB bigger than that. Probably because of Android'ss huge memory.

9. jos_031

Posts: 62; Member since: Jun 12, 2012

Another reason to wash your phone: To cool down sony xperia Z3+

11. gaming64 unregistered

People this days are marketing dumb-asses. One time, a guy at the mall told me drinking alkaline lowers the acidity level of our bodies. Wrong! The body is always acidic. The stomach is a good example. I hate companies that feed stupid information.

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