Some Pixel 7 series users are complaining about a scrolling bug

Some Pixel 7 series users are complaining about a scrolling bug
The Pixel 7 series has just been released and already we are hearing from users about a bug that has surfaced. According to some Reddit users (via Android Police), scrolling on the Pixel 7 line has become an issue. Sometimes the user will scroll and travel more than he wanted to and other times the scrolling will take the user practically nowhere.

Scrolling is an issue for some Pixel 7 series users

A Redditor with the user name click4dylan (we assume that his name is Dylan) wrote, "Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro side by side here and the scrolling on the 6 Pro is way more consistent and smooth." PizzaCatLover wrote, "Count me in here. Pixel 7 Pro, scrolling feels awkward and inconsistent compared to my S20+. This is so weird. I'll flick the screen to scroll and it will just kinda stop, like the momentum doesn't carry the way it's supposed to. I'd say it feels "right" maybe one time in ten. I thought it was just me."

He adds that Screen protector mode makes things worse and disabling the 120Hz refresh rate (known as Smooth Display) doesn't help. He does have a theory though. "My theory is that it's overly sensitive to backward motion, I have REALLY had a hard time with swiping left and right like to dismiss notifications. If you don't do it exactly right it doesn't want to clear it. It's like it makes it snap back...This is so freaking disappointing, honestly makes this whole phone annoying to use."

While most of the complaints have been about scrolling on the Pixel 7 Pro, some Pixel 7 users have had this issue as well. While not all users are finding that the System update found on the phones right out of their boxes has helped, others say that this behavior has gone away after installing it. Go to Settings > System > System update to install the update after you turn on the device fort he first time. PizzaCatLover, for one, noted that the 78MB update did not stop the problem at all.

One user did say that disabling the Smooth Display helped. If you are having this problem, you might need to check this out yourself. Go to Settings > Display and toggle off Smooth Display. The problem with doing this is that for many, returning to 60Hz screen refresh from 120Hz is hard to do.

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It might still be early, but so far we haven't seen some of the issues that afflicted the Pixel 6 line including the connectivity problem that prevented the phones from connecting to cellular signals. And no one has said anything negative about the under-display fingerprint scanner which reportedly has been replaced with improved hardware on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Pixel 7 users are hoping that Google fixes the scrolling issue with a software update

Another Reddit user with the handle YoungPlumming says, "Scrolling through the app drawer and settings feels pretty smooth to me, but when I'm on Twitter or Reddit it feels really choppy. I just kinda figured the apps weren't optimized yet or something. Hopefully, there's a fix for everyone soon." Software updates have been the method used by Google to exterminate past bugs throughout the history of the Pixel.

You might recall that the Pixel 2 series suffered from screen burn-in (which leaves a "ghostly" image of past video content on the display when the device is turned off) and strange clicking noises were heard on voice calls. Actually, when you consider past problems and even the bugs that infiltrated last year's models, you could come to the conclusion that the Pixel 7 series is actually off to a great start.

Have you just received your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro? If you're upgrading from the Pixel 6 series, do you notice any changes in the feel of the software or even the hardware? You can let us know by dropping your comments in the box below.

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