Some Galaxy S7 models may come with Snapdragon 820, after rigorous testing by Samsung

Snapdragon 820 Undergoing Intensive Testing in Samsung’s Labs
We've already been hearing through the grapevine that Samsung has accelerated the development process of its flagships with a few months, thanks to the implementation of new project management techniques, and the upside is that the chatter about the next-gen Galaxy S7 is starting as soon as this summer. Poised for development completion by year's end, the Galaxy S7 has been testing with both Samsung's own Exynos chipsets, and with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820, that much we've been tipped already

What we are just learning now, though, thanks to a Korean publication, is that the Snapdragon 820 test have been very rigorous, as Samsung wants to make sure there will be no overheating issues like with 810. Moreover, Snapdragon 820 has apparently been greenlit to go into Galaxy S7 models for select overseas markets, so the chipset must have passed the stringent testing pretty well. 

As to what has brought Samsung back to Qualcomm's chips, after the 810 fiasco, remains to be seen, as the Snapdragon 820 details have been disclosed only a tiny bit so far, and we don't have the full 820 picture just yet. Samsung 14nm foundries have reportedly been tasked with producing the Snapdragon 820 chipsets anyway, so perusing them for Samsung devices only comes logical, too.

source: Dreamx via G4Games
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