Snapchat working to bring Facebook-like functionality to users

Snapchat working to bring Facebook-like functionality to users
Facebook has been guilty for copying many features from competitors, but that doesn't mean it can't go the other way around in some instances. Snapchat is reportedly working on a brand new feature that Facebook already offers to its users for quite some time.

App researcher Jane Wong discovered a new Snapchat feature that will allow users to add events in the app. Support for events, once added to Snapchat, will open up new options for users, like the possibility to join group chats for the event.

Once you create an event, you can invite Snapchat friends in a group chat. Also, swiping up on an invite will allow you to join a group chat for the event. The events a Snapchat users will be able to create can be assigned to specific locations, which means that they'll likely to be integrated with Snap Map.

Obviously, since the new feature hasn't been made official, it's unclear when exactly Snapchat will launch it. In fact, we're not even sure whether or not it will make it to the general public.

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