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Snake Rewind officially launches for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Snake Rewind
Mobile gaming fans are spoilt for choice at a time when hundreds of thousands of titles are just a few taps away. But in the day of the dumbphone -- before we spent most of our lives chasing the next Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy -- Snake was unarguably one of the most popular games one could stumble upon on mobile. A staple part of every Nokia handset owner's digital diet, few modern games have since lived up to its sheer simplicity, and when we discovered last week that an official remake was en route, we couldn't help but feel a touch nostalgic. Now, Snake Rewind is here for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 

Snake has, in the past, been heralded as the most-played video game of all time, with estimations suggesting that around one billion people have gotten themselves worked up in trying to grab fruit while directing the meandering, ever-growing beast. Given that Snake was pre-installed on so many devices during Nokia's reign at the turn of the millennium, it would be difficult for anyone to put a true figure on how many have played this modern classic. But needless to say, even if the estimates are slightly off, it's not a surprise that its creator has decided on a remake. 

Taneli Armanto, the Nokia engineer behind the original Snake, has teamed up with Rumilus Design to deliver Snake Rewind, which is now ready to download for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Unlike the numerous Snake-incarnates gracing the various app stores, this is the first 'official' effort, and while it's got a very updated look and feel, it preserves an air of originality as well. 

Like most remakes, Snake Rewind probably isn't going to have you as addicted as you once were on classic handsets like the Nokia 5110. But by the same token, it'd be rude -- if not sacrilegious -- to skip the rebirth of such a retro hero, and we'd encourage you to check it out via the direct download links below. 

Snake Rewind is free of charge, although some users may wish to snag additional perks by means of in-app purchases. 

Download: iOS | Android | Windows Phone
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