Smaller version of the Motorola DROID Pro, the XT316, repeats FCC visit with AT&T bands on board

Smaller version of the Motorola DROID Pro, the XT316, repeats FCC visit with AT&T bands on board
Back last April, the Motorola XT316 visited the FCC wearing a radio with Chinese 3G bands on board. The handset is said to be a smaller version of the Motorola DROID Pro and the Motorola XPRT currently available at Verizon and Sprint respectively. With its portrait facing QWERTY on the front of the handset right under the screen, the Motorola XT316 has a decidedly BlackBerry-esque look to it.

The Motorola XT316 has just completed a second visit to the Feds, and this time the radio under the hood was loaded up with AT&T's frequencies which gives us a good idea where this phone is headed to. While a visit to the FCC doesn't guarantee an imminent launch for a device, should the Motorola XT316 get released by AT&T, it will give business customers of the carrier another option for an enterprise-centric phone other than BlackBerry.

source: FCC via Engadget



1. snowgator

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Sigh ..... As RIM bickers, sends mean open letters to the outside world, and forms committees to discuss if they need to get a committee together to restructure, the Droid Pro/XPRT/XTwhatever-it-is gives business customers a fun, efficient, fairly safe alternative. Starting to really respect the buiness decisions of Moto.

2. hepresearch unregistered

If it does end up coming to AT&T, I might consider getting one. The Droid Pro is a nice form factor for me, and with full QWERTY it satisfies my desire for a physical keyboard. The fact that it will be smaller may equate to less expense and less super-phone features, which I do not really need. Hopefully it will have a much nicer processor than the 720 MHz one in the Moto Flipout... and Android 2.3?

4. Smusuatuiviax unregistered

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