Siri learns how to pronounce names correctly in iOS 7

Siri learns how to pronounce names correctly in iOS 7
Back in January, we told you that Apple was looking for help taking Siri's personality to the next level. Assuming that Apple did indeed find that person to tutor its voice activated personal assistant, what good is a better personality if no one can understand what you're saying? That is not to say that Siri sounds like it has a mouth full of marbles. But with some names that it had problems with, spelling out the name phonetically is needed for you ti understand who Siri is talking about.

In iOS 7 though, Siri is more aggressive about getting a name right. According to those using the beta version of Apple's updated mobile OS build, Siri will ask you for help the very first time it hears you pronouncing a name that it can't understand. Say to Siri, "That's not how you say (the person's name) and Siri will start teaching itself how to say the name correctly. Siri will ask you to repeat the name and then presents several options of what it thought you said. Once you select the option that sounds right, Siri will remember the correct pronunciation and try to say it that way in the future.

Siri is just learning these new features, like the ability to turn on the LED flashlight, for iOS 7. The OS is in beta. But with a little hard work, perhaps Siri can be the next Eliza Doolittle. By George, I think Siri's got it!

source: 9to5Mac via Gizmodo

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