Should Samsung have put a wide-angle lens on the Galaxy Note 8?


Dual cameras on smartphones are still a fairly new trend, but one that's picking up fast. And there are four different ways in which manufacturers implement the technology.

The first we actually saw on the HTC One M8 years ago — a low-resolution sensor assists the “main” camera only by collecting distance information each time you take a photo. Thanks to that, users are able to return to the picture later and set background blur effects and the like. Of course, the tech back then was a bit bad and the effect was far from convincing.

Then, we have the “Huawei” solution — one RGB sensor is used for the “main” camera, while the secondary snapper is also a high-res one, but only has a black and white sensor. In this case, the assisting camera is used to collect better light data within an image. Still, both can be used together for a special “bokeh” mode, which also allows the user to adjust focus and blur post-shot.

LG has had dual cameras for about 3 years now, too, but it goes a whole separate direction. LG does not care about bokeh or portrait modes. Instead, it offers a super-wide angle secondary camera to its users, allowing them to get a lot more into a shot. It helps for various situations, including when you want to use your LG phone as an impromptu action cam — just make sure you have a rugged case on.

Apple was first to introduce the telephoto lens for the secondary camera — a 2x optical zoom with a small aperture and narrow viewing angle offers an “honest” shot for better portrait pictures with a software blur to simulate a DSLR camera to boot.

So, when Samsung's Note 8 was rumored to come with a dual camera, we went wild with speculating which implementation Sammy would choose. Now, we know it's the telephoto one. Some fans are happy, some say they would've preferred the wide-angle solution. So, let's measure the two camps! Vote your side in the poll below:

Should Samsung have put a wide-angle secondary camera on the Note 8?

Yes, wide angle would've been much more useful!
Nonsense, telephoto camera and portrait mode are awesome!

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