Shiny iPhone 8 prototype fits in an iPhone 8 case... then gets sized vs iPhone 7


There have been many concept images, case maker renders, and even rough dummy units of the iPhone 8 circulating in the last few weeks, as is customary when an Apple handset announcement nears. This year, however, it's different. We've been inundated with so many preliminary depictions of how the iPhone 8 would look like, including (gasp) a leak by Apple itself, that the design has now moved away from the guesswork stage, and hit the best-prototype-to-rule-them-all level.

One such prototype of the iPhone 8 chassis that has the most chances to be announced next month, has been delivered to the source that leaked the "final" design a few weeks ago, thanks to some case maker renders. Every subsequent leak, including Apple's HomePod firmware spillouts, has sort of confirmed this shape and form, and now we can look at something a bit more elaborate than the crude dummies that have been pouring out of China in the past couple of weeks. 

The alleged iPhone 8 prototype has an all-glass chassis that will help with the wireless charging that Apple is going to offer to its fans for the first time, and operational volume, mute and power/lock keys. We are seeing no Touch ID button or area anywhere on the phone, as the source confirms Apple will be taking the risky step to only supply Face ID for biometric authentication, coupled with the good ol' password protection. On the rear, we get a dual vertical camera that is meant for some sort of AR trickery that is yet to be revealed, hence the camera positioning when you hold the phone in landscape.

The Face ID tech, dual AR cam, and wireless charging already make this unit unlike any iPhone we've seen so far, but then one look at the front, and we can potentially see the future of Apple's iPhones. The vast 5.8" display is occupying the whole of the phone's front, with only a notch piercing the area where the top bezel used to reside. The screen's cover glass sculpts mildly to the sides, giving the iPhone an edgeless look. 

The source says that this prototype fits very well in the hand, being only a tad larger than the iPhone 7, and much smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, albeit sporting a similar display area. Oh, joys of ditched ancient home buttons and shrinking bezels, you are numerous. The source placed their iPhone 8 prototype in cases already pre-made for the handset, and it did fit perfectly, down to the vertical camera, larger lock key, and the front screen cutout, lending credence to the claim that this might be the real deal. How are you finding this one?

source: Forbes

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