Several Apple Watch Series 3 devices crashed when asked about the weather

Several Apple Watch Series 3 devices crashed when asked about today's weather
If you own the Apple Watch Series 3, both the LTE and non-LTE models, be careful about asking Siri about the weather for the current day. Several owners of the timepiece have had the device crash on them simply by asking Siri for a forecast covering that day's weather. Curiously, inquiries about the weather for future dates won't take down the Apple Watch; only requests for "today's weather" will cause the wearable to crash.

On Reddit, a number of people complained about the same problem, and one Reddit user figured that the issue might be related to the end of Daylight Saving Time, which took place Sunday morning. Apple has a history of having problems on the day when the clock moves ahead or moves back. One year, Apple moved the clock on the iPhone one hour in the wrong direction. Another time, Apple moved the clock ahead in Arizona for Daylight Saving Time. One problem; Arizona is one of the states that doesn't recognize the one hour time change.

Based on the number of Apple Watch Series 3 owners on Reddit complaining about this issue, this is a real "thing." Ask Siri for tomorrow's weather forecast, information about Pruneface and Flattop or a stock price, and you'll have no problem. But when it comes to the weather for whatever day it is, you're better off sticking your hand out the window. Ask Siri for that information and you're likely to crash your Apple Watch Series 3 model.

We'll see if we can get a comment from Apple about this, and if we do, we'll update this story.

source: Reddit via Engadget

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