Once again, iOS screws up Daylight Savings Time

Once again, iOS screws up Daylight Savings Time
What is so difficult about Daylight Savings Time? Spring ahead, fall back. It is such a simple concept and yet iOS can never seem to get it right. Nearly three years ago, a problem with recurring alarm clock settings on the day that Daylight Savings Time ended, resulted in alarm clocks waking up iPhone owners an hour later than scheduled in some European countries.Those in Australia were woken up an hour early. In March 2011, the annual move to Daylight Settings Time resulted in a number of problems with the alarm clock and the clock setting.

The very next year, setting your Apple iPhone for Daylight Savings Time resulted in the clock moving back an hour instead of moving ahead as it should have. Even more embarrassing, Siri was giving out an incorrect date for the start of DST that year. And those iPhone users who lived in Arizona at the time, found that their clock had moved ahead an hour. That would have been perfect except that Arizona is one of the states that doesn't acknowledge DST.

That brings us to 2013 and with Daylight Savings Time about to end on November 3rd, the line on the calendar app that shows the current time is actually running an hour fast. The bug does not affect alarm settings or calendar events. If the past serves as a guide, Apple will fix this problem and all will be forgiven until March when Daylight Savings Time starts over and iPhone users go through their annual agony.

source: AppleInsider

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