Scoble: Expectations for Google Glass too high for 2014

Scoble: Expectations for Google Glass too high for 2014
Tech forecaster Robert Scoble was one of the early adopters to Google Glass. In fact, just before receiving the connected specs, he made a jump from iOS to Android. Now that he has worn Google Glass for a few months, he predicts that the device will not be a huge hit immediately. Writing on his Google+ page, Scoble warns that Google has to bring the price of Google Glass down to $300 to generate demand for the product. But that is not all.

Besides better pricing, Scoble says that Google needs to work on improvements to its API and battery life. The current cell lasts just 45 minutes when using video. He also adds that the design needs to be revised and a proper app store must be built. Lack of apps is a concern of his. Scoble believes that it will take until 2016 for all of this to happen, and for demand to heat up. He sees expectations as being too high for next year

Calling Google "brilliant," Scoble points out that those who were early buyers of the device have become PR agents for the Mountain View tech titan. When he wears Glass in public, people come up to him wanting to try them on, even when he is in the bathroom. By his own count, Scoble says that he has shared his Google Glass with 500 to 1000 people.

The "scariest" part of the device, he says, is the eye sensor because it probably can tell exactly what you're looking at. In the future, Google might be able to tell what brands you're looking at when shopping. That information could be worth a fortune to manufacturers and retailers.

Overall, Scoble still loves his Google Glass, but feels they won't be a "big deal" until 2020.

source: +Scobleizer

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