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Satechi BT Touch Speaker hands-on

Satechi BT Touch Speaker hands-on
Always one to come out with yet another Bluetooth offering, budget conscious accessory maker Satechi is back at it again with its latest portable Bluetooth speaker – the Satechi BT Touch. Indeed, it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker at heart, much like the other stuff we’ve seen from them, but as its name implies so directly, it features a few touch activated controls.

Right away, the design of the Satechi BT Touch reminds us of a giant sized pill, which for some reason lacks the same noteworthy aesthetics that we saw with the Satechi Audio Cube from not too long ago. Although it’s portable enough to pack away in a backpack, it’s not something we’d necessarily put in our pockets, as its hefty size can make it stand out blatantly. Donning an all-plastic construction, it does contribute to giving it a lightweight feel, but it doesn’t have a profound build quality. And with its glossy finish, it tends to accumulate smudges and fingerprints – so beware that it can get dirty after handling it for a moment.

On the façade, its speaker grill dominates the majority of real estate, which so happens to hide away its two 2.5-watt speakers – giving it a total output power of 5 watts. Meanwhile, in the rear, we’re presented with its power switch, aux-in port, reset button, and miniUSB port for charging its internal battery. Giving it a futuristic appeal, the entire top surface of the Satechi BT Touch features six touch sensitive buttons for pause/play, track forward, track reverse, volume up, volume down, and a multi-function one. Needless to say, the iridescent blue glow of the touch sensitive buttons and the LED light panel on the front aid to give it a nice touch.

Putting it through the paces, we’re happy to admit that we’re fond of the audio quality at the loudest volume setting, as there’s a subtle amount of bass that accompanies the strong volume output. It’s strong enough to cover small areas, but it’s not comprehensive or encompassing enough to cover larger spaces. Heck, for $49.99 online, it doesn’t seem too bad for the pricing.

source: Satechi
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