Samsung's J.K. Shin says to expect Galaxy S III and 4G tablet in first half of 2012

Samsung's J.K. Shin says to expect Galaxy S III and 4G tablet in first half of 2012
The hottest smartphone on the planet right now is arguably the Samsung Galaxy S II. After selling 120,000 units in  South Korea after just three days, as we reported, the handset just set a record with over 1 million units sold in Korea in the first month after launch in the country. That means that the handset is the fastest selling smartphone in Korean history, although some cynics would say that Samsung had the home field advantage.

Just because the Samsung Galaxy S II has scored outrageous quadrant benchmark scores doesn't mean that the phone can't be improved. The president of Samsung's Mobile division, J.K. Shin, said that the Samsung Galaxy S III will see the light of day in the first half of next year. If the Galaxy S II has proven to be such a highly desirable phone, imagine what its successor will be like. We should see carrier-specific versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II hit the States sometime this summer, as we told you. Shin also said to expect an "enhanced" 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to be released later this year following the launch of the 8.9 inch and 10.1 inch tabs in June. He noted that 4G is "inevitable" for tablets because the larger  amount of content that tablets use requires faster download speeds.

The Samsung executive also opened his mouth to comment about the lawsuit filed by Apple claiming that Samsung infringed on the former's patents. "We didn't copy Apple's design," said Shin. Somehow, we think that the gang at Cupertino is not going to take Shin's word on that.

source: WSJ, electronista via Engadget

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Galaxy S II
  • Display 4.3" 480 x 800 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP / 2 MP front
  • Processor Samsung Exynos 4 Dual, Dual-core, 1200 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1650 mAh(9.00h 3G talk time)



1. andro unregistered

Oh Apple won't like that news they will demand a prototype of the galaxy s3 for 'inspection' in worried anger!

2. vantenkiest

Posts: 316; Member since: Apr 20, 2011

hot damn we are going to get the s2 and as we do ... the s3 is going to be powering over seas with hot sexiness ... its not fair damnit

4. aries.phills

Posts: 161; Member since: May 17, 2011

Hahahahahahahaha!! This is the exact meaning of success. I predicted it, but apple didn't believe me. 1000000 units sold in south korea alone? Lol!!! Can only imagine what the total sales would be like when it finally lunches worldwide. NOKIA, better hurry up with your devices else, your smartphone units will suffer poor sales syndrome before the hit their target markets. APPLE, sorry! lack of bluetooth and other basic smartphone functionalities will make you lose the religious-bond you have over your enslaved customers someday. HTC, keep flexing your muscles, someday will be your turn to rule. MOTOROLA, its time you stopped kidding with your top products. LG, got nothing to say to you cos I don't understand you at all.

9. BenCjamin

Posts: 80; Member since: May 13, 2011

Amen. Samsung is King!

8. r2212xx

Posts: 41; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

Wow.. Wonder what will be the features of S3.. Hopefully it'll be great.

10. rick james unregistered

@aries.phills Lol what? apple didn't believe you? Do you have lengthy phone conversations with Steve Jobs then or what? bitches be crazy

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