Samsung Galaxy S II vs LG Optimus 2X benchmark tests - guess who scored 3732 on Quadrant

Samsung Galaxy S II vs LG Optimus 2X benchmark tests - guess who scored 3732 on Quadrant
The second after we learned that Samsung is developing its own dual-core chipset, hot on the heels of last year's finest - the single core Hummingbird - we were itching to benchmark its performance on a production device.

This day has finally come, so we pit the 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos chipset with ARM Mali-400 quad-core GPU, against the 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset with octo-core GeForce ULP GPU, in a titanic battle between the Samsung Galaxy S II, and the LG Optimus 2X.

We have all the tests run live for you in the video below, but just to summarize - the Samsung Galaxy S II scored consistently higher on general and overall productivity tests. In the graphics component of Smartbench 2011, the LG Optimus 2X had the upper hand, which proves that Sammy might have been better off sticking with the PowerVR GPU family that it used in the Galaxy S, instead of switching over to ARM's Mali-400 solution.

PowerVR is a child of Imagination Technologies, though, and there are rumors that they might be the next Apple acquisition - PowerVR543 is used in Apple's new dual-core A5 chipset - so maybe there were some legal or cost considerations for Samsung to go with the ARM Mali-400 GPU. Still, on a pure graphics test - Nenamark1 - the Samsung Galaxy S II achieved higher average fps result than the LG Optimus 2X, and that should count for something.

In the browser benchmark test (we used Browsermark, as it has a mobile mode) both handset scored results that are too close for a definitive winner, but way more than any single-core handset we've tested. Both phones are updated to Adobe Flash 10.2.

Oh, we almost forgot - the Samsung Galaxy S II scored the crazy 3732 on the second run of Quadrant - the highest result on this test we've ever seen on a stock handset! For more details on the silicon powering those two beasts, you can look into our article on the mobile dual-core chipsets.

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