Samsung Galaxy S II supposed carrier-specific names leak out

Samsung Galaxy S II supposed carrier-specific names leak out
Ah, the Samsung Galaxy S II... We know that this great smartphone has been on top of Mount Everest, we know that it has the power to score more than 4000 points on Quadrant, and now we even have a reason to believe that we know how it will be called when it finally lands in the US. We are sure that many of you will be interested in the Samsung Galaxy S II once it launches nationwide, so here is what you may find it listed as.

The hint emerged from the website of the online retailer Wireless Xcessories Group (yes, they sell smartphone accessories). According to the information posted under a listing for a silicon back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung's flagship will be known as the Attain on AT&T, the Function on Verizon, and the Within on Sprint. Those of you who are having a deja vu after reading this, do not be surprised. Its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S, arrived in the US bearing four different names for the nation's four biggest carriers. However, note that this time there is no word of T-Mobile anywhere in sight meaning that Big Magenta might not be getting the Galaxy S II after all. Or could the T-Mobile version of the smartphone be getting a facelift that might make the accessory not fit properly?

Sure enough, we will probably find out what the case is pretty soon. Until then, feel free to check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy S II and see if this won't become your next favorite smartphone.

source: Wireless Xcessories Group via Android Community

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