Samsung went from almost no mobile income to more than Google's entire operation in two years

Samsung's income from phones and tablets is more than Google's entire operation
Industry analyst Horace Dediu from Asymco came with an interesting graphical comparison yesterday outlining the ascent of Samsung to its current state, where it splits 99% of the mobile profits with Apple, leaving HTC a one-percenter, but not in the rich sense.

In just two short years and change, after the introduction of the first Galaxy S with its novel at the time AMOLED display, Samsung went from almost no income from mobile, to about $5 billion out of the $7.4 in total that the company raked in the last quarter.

Not only it cannibalized all other phone makers profits, but it is has now made more money from phones and tablets than Google's entire operation for three straight quarters. Mr Dediu concludes that this stratospheric ascent of the Koreans is entirely due to their bet on Android, coupled with vertical integration synergies, and we can't agree more with that. Imagine, for instance, how much would a Lumia 920 with Android sell in comparison with the current Windows Phone 8 unit, given the unique OIS technology inside.

Have a look at a few charts that pretty much encompass everything that has been happening in the mobile industry since the iPhone introduction, up to the last quarter we have sales and operating income numbers from.

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