Samsung to sell its smartwatch under the Samsung GALAXY GEAR name?

Samsung to sell its smartwatch under the Samsung GALAXY GEAR name?
About a month ago, we told you that Samsung had filed a trademark application for the name Samsung GEAR. Right away, this was believed to be the name that the Korean OEM was going to apply to its upcoming smartwatch line. Speculation about the new device has heated up, pointing to a September 4th introduction of the watch in Berlin the same day as the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note III

A leaked section of Samsung's more recent trademark applicationwith the USPTO, dated after the previous filing for 'GEAR', reveals that Samsung is now asking to protect the name Samsung GALAXY GEAR. The filing was made under international class 009, which is the category for wearable digital electronic devices, such as a wristwatch, and was filed on July 29th.

Considering that a smartwatch from Samsung would probably sync with its Galaxy branded handsets, adding the Galaxy name to its line of smartwatches makes a lot of sense. As we indicated earlier, Samsung is in a race with Apple to be the first to launch the new generation of smartwatches. Apple has already started applying for the iWatch trademark in various countries, but a recent report suggests that the Cupertino based company has had to hire some more engineers to get its watch to the next level in development. Based on that report, we might not see the Apple iWatch until sometime in 2014.

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source: USPTO via GalaxyClub (translated)

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