Samsung raises its marketing budget with sights set on Apple

Samsung raises its marketing budget with sights set on Apple
We recently told you that Samsung outspends HTC in marketing dollars by a hefty 10 to 1 margin. But the Korean based manufacturer is not slowing down spending in order to allow HTC, or any other OEM for that matter, to catch up. According to information from industry publication Ad Age, Samsung's spending for ads in the U.S. rose 58% last year to $881 million. Most of that money was spent on ads for the Samsung Galaxy devices.

What makes Samsung's spending on marketing so amazing is that the top 100 advertisers in the states averaged a paltry 2.8% gain in ad spending in 2012. While overall Apple outspent Samsung by purchasing $1 billion of U.S. based ads in 2012, on a percentage basis Samsung had the largest growth among the nation's top advertisers. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 already launched and the Samsung Galaxy Note III on the way, will Samsung outspend Apple in 2013?

Among the top percentage gainers last year was the nation's fourth largest carrier, T-Mobile. Last year, T-Mobile spent $1.1 billion on ads in the U.S. which was a 27% gain from the prior year.

source: Forbes


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