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Samsung posts a new GPS fix for the Samsung Captivate and Samsung Vibrant on Android Market

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Samsung posts a new GPS fix for the Samsung Captivate and Samsung Vibrant on Android Market
The newest GPS fix for the Samsung Captivate and the Samsung Vibrant actually restores the chip settings to their original state, that is why the app is under the name "GPSRestoreSamsung" in Android Market. It appears for owners of those two phones only.

Both handsets have been plagued by a poorly functioning GPS lock since inception, so hopefully this helps ease the pain a bit. Let us know if there is any progress upon installing the update. Initial reviews of the "fix" are a mixed bag, here is what people that have installed it are saying on the dedicated Xda-devs thread:

User Krzysiek_CK:

"For me it is a different experience. I went outside, and run the application. First, I got the message telling me to go outside and have a clear view of the sky, giving me the option to rerun. I did so, and while in the process of locating the phone rebooted. After the reboot, I run the GPS Status application and I got 4/11 lock (lock on 4 satellites from 11 available). The difference was that it was instant. I tried few times with the same result. Then, I tried inside the building while putting the phone by the window. I got the lock on 4 satellites after 30-40 seconds, making it first time the phone ever locked onto the satellites from this location. I tested multiple times in the span of 2 hours, always ending up with the successfull lock onto 3 or more satellites. Also, I would like to mention that my colleague's Nexus One gets the lock in the same location in about 40 seconds.

By the way I also noticed,
1. The LbsTestMode settings did not change for me, they still use supl.google.com
2. With the satellite signal as low as 15dBHz phone still contained the lock (before it would lose the lock with the signal lower than 18 dBHz)
3. It initially locked with accuracy of 55 meters where the LbsTestMode setting is 50."

User kangxi:

"Yes, I have positive results with it also. Used it and I got a lock instantly. Opened up navigation and it was spot on, no arrow jumping all over the place. It may say that it just reverts it back to stock settings, but whatever the case may be, it works."

But we also have user keoni4u:

"I downloaded the app as soon as i seen the tweet. It looked good initially, i got lock instantly, multiple times after running the app, but when I tested it out on a drive my phone would lose GPS signal after less then 5 mins, then it take another 7-10 mins to get another GPS lock, this kept happening the whole time...."

Well, it seems that restoring the GPS settings to factory works fairly well when you are out and under a clear sky, but once things start moving, it is a different story. More proof of the fix behavior is needed, so if you install it, let us know in the comments your experience with it.

via AndroidPolice & Xda-Devs
Samsung posts a new GPS fix for the Samsung Captivate and Samsung Vibrant on Android Market

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